Great Britan

Anwendung alter Handwerkstechniken, Rekonstruktion des kulturellen Erbes, gesunder Lebenstil mit Ernährung und Natur

Application of old craft techniques, reconstrution of cultural heritage, healthy lifestyle with nutrition and nature

 11.08. - 18.08.2018 

Lowther Show

On Sunday we got to know local customs in a Lowther Show

Lowther Show

The crafts were also presented, as here the basket maker with his stand.

Maryburgh Henge

is a large and impressive Neolithic Henge.
Mark told us some interesting things about Maryburgh Henge, the Discovery and the cult place.

Grampus Office

Monday started with a visit to the office. There we were shown a PowerPoint presentation about the procedure of past excavations.

Wardell Armstrong

In this large archaeological company finds from the previous years were shown and explained to us in the archive. She cooperates with Grampus Heritage

Carlisle Castle

The journey also stopt at the Carlise Castle. Mark Graham gave us explanations.

Hadrians Wall

The rest of the day we visited Hadrians Wall and the Roman Fort.
 A film reported on the construction and work of the Romans.

Outdoor Centre

Mark and Jessica explained the origin and shape of the Lake Destrikt using the example of Bassenthwaite Lake and Derwent Water and the various forest species.
Outdoor activities, such as tree climbing, mountaineering and hiking were seen everywhere.

Honister Pass

Afterwards we visited the slate mine and heard a moving family history. We were able to see how successful the company is now and got to know a traditional building material of the region.

Archaeolog. Museum

The day ended with the Archaeological Museum in Maryport.
Most of the museum's exhibits comes from a private collection.

High Snab Farm

The family leased the farm from the National Trust and has been managing it for 15 years.
Tom explained a few things about the characteristics of his sheep and the pastureland available for use.
He showed us how shepherd dogs are trained and how to shear sheep.

Dubwath Silver Meadow

A wetland made accessible to the public with paths and small houses. It can be used for recreation and also for wildlife watching.

Jennings Brewery Tour

- a tour of the brewery building with explanations and subsequent tasting of the different varieties


Here Grampus has carried out several excavations and it was found out that the abbey was originally much larger. In 2018, another archeology project will begin.

Thornby Moore Cheese

We had the opportunity to get to know the family history and the family business. This allowed us comparisons with cheese production in other countries (Cyprus, Romania).


In the afternoon we did a guided hike through the Solway Plain wetlands, a peat and heat habitat for many birds.

Keswick Castlerigg Stone Circle 

The stone circle is one of the largest and earliest stone circles in the UK. It consists of 38 freestanding slate rocks and dates from the Neolithic period.

Museum Keswick

The museum was founded by a charity and must be economically self-supporting. You can accomplish this with guided tours, the sale of souvenirs and the management of a tea room.
The staff teaches students in the geological area and shows how to work with other "My find book".


Healthy lifestyle through the use of regional natural products, production and processing of food, craft trades and food production for the rural population 

02.04.2019 - 09.04.2019

Arrival - 

We met the other members and waiting in small local coffee shop  in Dudenice, where they set up small bakery for cakes. Dudince is spa town, has a healing water for the musculoskeletal problems.

The next day

In the morning we have visited Lisov Muzeum in Lisov village, 10 km from Dudenice, where we introduced ourselves and made presentation and tour around the ethnographic museum, Celtic roundhouse and the gallery. We have talked about previous projects, reconstructions, workshops and opportunities for the developments in the museum and the village.

It has been reported what has been achieved in the museum over the last 4 years, how it has succeeded in involving young people from the village in workshops and events.

Lunch was prepared by local ladies in village hall, where we also met the new mayor and watched prepared presentation - an old documentary about village life and agriculture and some of the documentaries from the tv program. After a traditional slova