PROGRAMME - Kato Drys Community Council, Cyprus

Lernen von alter Handwerkskunst / Produktion von traditionellen Lebensmitteln
Verarbeitung und Vermarktung

Lerning of old craftsmanship / production of traditional foods

processing and marketing 


meeting in Kato Drys

Welcome all project participants Lecture on history, ancient culture and traditional customs in Cyprus.  

Martin Clark tells about the history and traditions of the Cypriots. He talks to all participants about the daily plan. 

Oven building

The instructions were given by Martin. A specialist supported the participants in the construction. Due to a drying process, completion is completed on the last day of the stay. 

Village tour

  During the construction period, the participants visited the historic village and the museum. 

Evening meal by Martin

 A dinner was prepared in a similar oven.   The dinner in the Cypriot way was very extensiv and delicious.

Lula haloumi farm

The group visited the sheep farm of the Lula halloumi farm.  

Halloumi  cheese making

In the private dairy we were shown the production of the popular Halloumi cheese. 

In the pottery

 The participants had the opportunity in the company Kornos Keramik under guidance to make a small bowl yourself

During a tour we were able toget to know some different kinds of ovens

ceramic warehouse

At the end we were able to admire various manufactured vessels in the ceramic warehouse. 

The silversmiths

During the visit of the silversmiths we were shown how jewelery is made. 

The accommodations

Our group was interested in what the accomodation are for the apprentices. That´s why our path let to their house. we found this interesting and in order.


Impressive was the visit to the "Green Village Shop", with its high-quality and fashionable clothing with country-specific embroidery and accessories.


Buyuk Han in Lefkosia

Saturday was planned for the capital of Cyprus Nicosia / Lefkosia, historic buildings and the traditional market were impressive.
 In Lefkosia's "Buyuk Han" we were able to visit traditional crafts and fortify ourselves with traditional Cypriot food for the day.


Environmental Educationscentre in Akrotiri 

Some participants used the day off to get to know this facility.

The oven

On the last day the furnace was finished in Kato Drys.

The logo of the k2project found a place in the fresh plaster. So it is visibly for all know.

As a conclusion, a community picture was created with the European flag.

retaining wall

We were shown how the slopes are secured by walls

The final evening 

The final evening was marked by special warmth. At the beginning we get told interesting facts about the wine and its processing. The new equipment for the extraction, maturation and filling of the delicious beverage was shown to us.

A wine tasting and the farewell dinner were enriched by musical and dancing interludes.


We thank you for the program organization by our partner and say goodbye to Sunny Cyprus

The next meeting will take us to Romania in June.


Verarbeitung und Vermarktung von Produkten aus eigener Landwirtschaft und Gartenbau, alte Handwerkstechniken in der Hauswirtschaft

Processing and Marketing products from own agriculture and gardening, old handcraft techniques in housekeeping.

03.06. - 10.06.2018

The local agricultural school

We attended the School in Ciumbrud, which also included  a kindergarten and a Boarding school. In the School garden  are mainly roses. Vegetables are grown in the greenhouse.

We discussed the curriculum with staff and maked a tour of the school.

The rose garden

The nursery "Ciumbrud Plant"  breeds different types of roses and sends them all over Europe. The agricultural School and the nursery  have a cooperation.

You can see the roses in a beautiful garden.

Visit of a fruit and wine farmer

Sightseeing of the trees, strubs and roses in the orchard and on the field. We received explanations about the risiks of rearing  and the conservation of traditional fruit tree.

The modern cheese farm

The cheese farm is in Livezille. It was rebuilt with funds from the EU and processes 20,000 liters of milk per day, The processing takes place without chemical additives. The cheese, we have been tasting was very good.

Ethnically hungarian village

Rimetea lies  between 2 hills. The local Museum is interesting. You can experience the life in mountain villages. 

The village  is a tourist attraction. 

Mountain village Rimet

Here are the traditional steep pitched roof houses. In Rimet there are a total of 600 inhabitants in 13 small Hamlet.

The bread-van comes once a week to the remot village. The landscape here is unique and untouched - worth preserving.

Nico Muntean

In Vinerea we visit the Wood- and Glass 

Artist Nico Muntean. 

We were able to admire Carvings and Icons on reverse glass.


In Cugir we visit a Workshop in a privat home. We were shown how to do leatherworking. The young woman has adopted her father´s techniques and now earns her money with this craft.

The oil press 

In the Village Luncani we saw a small scale oil press. 

Only seeds from the region are used for the production of cold-pressed oil.

We tasted  the six oils that they make - sunflower oil, walnut oil, hemp oil, linseed oil, rapeseed oil and pumpkin seed oil.

Cultural evening

On hour cultur program with traditional Romanian Songs and Dances in our hotel.


Sibiu has many attractions. 

It was European Capital of Culture in 2007 and has been generously renovated in the center.


In June is the International Theater Days. 

Many People were on the street and various Theater groups. 

Theater days have tradition in Sibiu.


Here you can see old houses, churches, farmsteads and Monuments in a large open-air museum. They give an impression into the life of past Generations in Romania.

Garden in Cluj

The partipants  from Germany had time left on the day of departure to visit the Botanical Garden in Cluj Napoca.

On the flight home

We will be happy to remember Romania, the untouched nature, the people and how they strive to continue to use the knowledge of their ancestors.