Kick-off meeting Pressel   

from 22.-27. October 2017

Project duration 

October 2017 to September 2019

Projektdauer Oktober 2017 bis September 2019

The project partners are

Die Projektpartner sind 

Fundación Monte Mediterráneo 

Kato Drys

Grampus Heritage und Training 

Satul Verde 

Lisov Muzeum

Bildungshaus Heideland


Im Rahmen des Projekts besuchten wir folgende Unternehmen und Einrichtungen

As part of the project, we visited the following companies and institutions

 Farm from Mr. Reiter in Pressel   

 Modern agriculture and  sustainable energy production

 Heide SPA in Bad Düben 

  Training service staff hotel and cook


Visit of the exhibition in the Naturparkhaus of the association Dübener Heide for the conservation and protection of endangered animals and plants

Germanic Longhouse

Old crafts and traditional build

The meeting

Opening meetin at Landgasthof Pressel. It was 3 days hard session work    

Presseler Heidewald and moor

 Excursion to the Presseler Heidewald and moor area. Visit the Natura 2000 habitat


Hofmolkerei Bennewitz

Milk and cheese production


 Chocolate manufactury in Wermsdorf

produkction-marketing and demonstration workshop

 Vocational school     

Training in horticulture,   agriculture and floristry  


Evaluation - Lisov


10.09. -14.09.2018

Arrival day and settling in Accomodation in Dudince SPA town – 10 minutes.from Lišov. The Dudince Spa treats diseases of the cardiovascular system and the locomotor system.

In addition to the current baths, there are also historical baths in Dudince, also known as Roman Baths - these are holes carved into travertine. From one so-called the pool was running out of water, and gradually flowed cascade into the others. There are around 20 pools, the lower served the soldiers, and the upper served by the commander's history, later used to bath cannabi for use in weaving. 

We have started the meeting with presentation on our work in Lišov Muzeum. We have explained our work in the museum to all partners and showed them around, what we have been doing over the last three years. Later we had meeting in Village hall , where we discussed the projects, and we have agreed on the other activities, projects and protocols.

We plan to put together other feedbacks from participants from actions from Cyprus, UK and Romania and we are going to use them for our future developments and organising of the project activities in other countries in Synergy project. We are going to produce online shared document that we want to be filling in with the activities, plans and results. 

Project discussion continued in the village hall and we have communicated and agreed on synergetic activities and reports and we are searching for lack of synergetic skills that can be developed, improved or researched and seeking for the possibility of cooperation in other countries that is mainly focused on craft, nutrition, agriculture. We have realised that there are synergetic problems in the countries with Slovakia, Romania and Cyprus, where young people leaving rural areas. We have also realised the synergies in producing oils, wines, cheese, wool, rural food baked in clay owen . 

After the meeting we went to see Lisov´s cave houses, where people used to live in the past, and seen how big potencial there is in development of tourism , and they also are big part of our national heritage and cultural heritage of village.

 Discussing project in another part of region Hont, we visited ´Stara Hora´ Monument reservation of the folk architecture of Stará Hora is also wineyard area , where you can visit the cellars and taste local wine. There are folk festivals and traditional craft fairs organised every year, harvesting wine event with 15-20 000 visitors from all over Slovakia coming to see this unique place which gives many opportunities to farmers, craft worker, artists to show off their skill .

We also visited Monastery of  Bzovík, build in the first half of the 12th century. It is fortified castle , near Krupina town. It was originally a Benedictine monastery dedicated to the first king of Hungary, Štefan, The object of the Bzovický monastery is evidence that sometimes it is not easy to determine the unique nature of the building monument

UNESCO town visit of BANSKA STIAVNICAis a historical town in Central Slovakia with a distinctly multicultural past. We know it is the mining of precious metals (especially silver), important mining legislation, self-government and academic tradition. The town is a town reserve "since 1950 and at the same time the center of the protected area of Stiavnicke Mountains was declared on September 22, 1979 on an area of 77,630 hectares. 

Final meeting in Cyprus

Training in Agriculture and Old Crafts

01.11. to 06.11.2019

The partners from the K2 project met for the last time in early November. 
 The activities that we carried out together with our participating countries on the subject of training in agriculture and old handicrafts were looked at again.

 Lula´s sheep and goat farm for Halloumi making. 

Value adding to milk make the local and sustainable products - halloumi

Explanations of the ripening wild fruits and uses there.

Olive oil production

Meet at Martins house. We discuss this local production of halloumi and the oil production

We see, our oven built in the first meeting was used.

Discuss the next activities in the morning

We review the Kato Drys archaeology and show the work of German students this autumn

Meeting in Nikos office. We have a feedback meeting and allocate tasks to complete SYNERGY

Visit to Lefkara silversmiths discuss of local craft skills